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The following is a list of events scheduled for the 2024 season. Check back often as additional items can come up on a moment's notice.

Knife Sharpening Service

Alex will be back this year, 2024, using his decades of experience to hone your dull knives to a razor's edge. Bring your kitchen, hunting, and/or pocket knives in to take advantage of our free sharpening service. He'll be here on the following dates:

Saturday, June 8th - 11AM to 4PM

Sunday, June 9th - 12PM to 4PM

Saturday, June 29th - 11AM to 4PM

Sunday, June 30th - 12PM to 4PM

Saturday, July 20th - 11AM to 4PM

Sunday, July 21st - 12PM to 4PM

Saturday, August 3rd - 11AM to 4PM

Sunday, August 4th - 12PM to 4PM

Saturday, August 17th - 11AM to 3PM

Sunday, August 18th - 12PM to 4PM


Town Historian Q & A Sessions

Town of Wawarsing historian Bucky Green

Check back often for additional events!!

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